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Leading a Revolution in Botanical Therapeutic Treatments

Shaping the future of safe and effective phytotherapeutics with the clinically validated formulations of isolated cannabinoids.

The Sanna Science Vision

Sanna Science believes in the enormous therapeutic potential of cannabinoids, which is only now being unlocked through a new wave of research.

By isolating cannabinoids, targeting specific indications and rigorously testing the effectiveness of our cannabinoid formulations, we work towards producing breakthrough therapeutic options with global market potential.

It starts with a good night’s sleep.

The Sanna Science approach – developing precise, consistent and effective formulations that target specific indications – has been proven with our first product, Sanna Sleep.

Sleep Well, Wake Well

Sanna Sleep is the world’s first cannabinoid sleep capsule with successful clinical trial results. Sanna Sleep’s precise blend of isolated cannabinoids supports natural sleep cycles and leaves you feeling refreshed upon waking. It’s non-narcotic, non-psychoactive and melatonin-free, and features our proprietary terpene blend Remniol™.

Supported by Clinical Evidence

Sanna Science always pursues a regimen of clinical study to validate our products for safety and effectiveness as pharmaceutical offerings. In keeping with that philosophy, the full clinical trial pathway for Sanna Sleep is currently being finalized, following its statistically significant performance in its first clinical trial.

Treating a Range of Indications

The model established with Sanna Sleep is moving forward with other formulations that target specific indications for which there is a lack of non-narcotic, non-addictive treatment options.

In all cases we seek a functional ratio of cannabinoids, we leverage terpenes to maximize overall effectiveness, and we support our products with clinical data.

Talk to us.

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